Pricing structure

Keep in mind, all prices include stripping, rust treatment, abrasive blasting, out gassing, thread masking, or other preparations as needed. Extra charge for
removing any plastic, rubber, bearings, excessive dirt, oil, and grease etc.
Prices are for single stage coating using in stock basic colors. Special order colors
will incur an additional charge to cover cost and shipping.
Cast parts such as aluminum as well as clad items such as chrome plated parts may experience “out gassing” which is bubbles in the powder coating caused by gasses escaping the part during curing in the oven. We will take every precaution to avoid this but we cannot be held responsible for any bubbling caused by porous castings or clad items.
Clear coat is REQUIRED over most chromes, metallics, silvers, and certain other colors. Clear coating of any part adds 50% to the price. Multi-stage coatings add 50% per stage.
Primer is recommended for most steel and outdoor items adding 50%
We will warranty against cracking, flaking, or peeling for 1 year on new parts and 6 months on all used parts. If your item is not listed in our price lists please let us know what you have and we will work with you to get the job done.
     ***Prices are minimums and subject to change without notice.***